Software for companies who want their data to remain in Switzerland

Improve your website through web analytics and increase your revenues with marketing automation. Without compromising on data protection by hosting in Switzerland and complying with the nFADP (CH) and the GDPR (EU).

Our products:

The Swiss Google Analytics alternative

Friendly Analytics is the Swiss web analytics software. Optimize your website, increase revenue and improve your marketing strategy:

The Swiss HubSpot alternative

Friendly Automate is the Swiss newsletter and marketing automation software. Generate more leads, strengthen your customer relationships and increase your sales:

Why Swiss business software?

Some of the tech giants’ products can do more and cost less – why should you rely on Swiss business software?

Because it pays off.

  1. More compliance and security: Regulations in Switzerland and in the EU have become stricter. With Swiss software and hosting in Switzerland, you reduce risks, protect yourself from lawsuits and save on expensive legal opinions.
  2. More trust: Under the nFADP and the GDPR, you must inform your customers how you handle their data. Many customers will like it if you don’t send their data abroad. This is good for your image and strengthens trust in your company.
  3. You make your site more user-friendly – and thus more conversion-friendly.
  4. Digital sovereignty: A Swiss solution gives you the security that your data and services are available according to Swiss law. With a solution from abroad, this security is limited by the laws of other countries and the relationship of these countries to Switzerland.