We Are Friendly
On Privacy and Beyond

Friendly is a small Swiss company with a big goal: to make marketing software more friendly.

We believe that privacy is a competitive advantage, do not want investors, and donate one percent of our revenue to charity:

Our story

The Friendly team at our second retreat in May 2022.

The history of Friendly began in early 2020 with the goal of offering a privacy-friendly alternative to the marketing tools of Google, Meta & Co. This has grown into a company with four employees and over 80 customers:

We have nothing to hide

Everyone says they are transparent. We are. As Switzerland’s first and only Open Startup, we share everything unless there is a reason not to publish it. This includes revenues, costs including salaries, website visits and even our employment contracts:

The Minds Behind It.

We do without compromises and outside capital. Therefore, we can confidently develop the software that we believe is good and ethical. As a small team, we also work quickly and efficiently.

Stefan Vetter

Stefan Vetter is founder and CEO at Friendly. He is also founder of Wortspiel, one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Switzerland. Stefan created his first website in 1999 and has been working in digital marketing ever since.

József Keller

József "Joey" Keller is CTO and employee #1 at Friendly. He is an Assistant Team Lead on the product team of the open source software Mautic, on which Friendly Automate is based. Prior to Friendly, Joey worked for a US media company, the largest social network in Hungary and the national airline of Hungary.

Kathrin Schmid, PhD

Kathrin Schmid, PhD, is Chief Happiness Officer (CHO) at Friendly. After completing her PhD in Literature at the University of Bern, she switched industries and now writes onboarding campaigns, tutorials and blogposts for Friendly. She cultivates our most important assets: our team culture and our customer communications.

Lukas Sigel

Lukas Sigel is Customer Success Manager at Friendly. He does everything in his power to make our customers successful with our software. The computer science graduate has been working in IT for over 10 years and completed a CAS as a frontend developer while working. In his spare time Lukas organizes concerts and looks for new talents for the big stage in Switzerland.

Peter Boehlke

Peter Boehlke is freelance Analytics Consultant at Friendly. For over 10 years, he has been a contributor to the open source software Matomo, which is the foundation of Friendly Analytics. Peter has consulted with clients in over 30 countries on privacy-friendly web analytics.


These books have had an influence on us and our work:


We would like to thank the people and organizations that have made Friendly possible and continue making it so:

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