Why Use Friendly Analytics Instead of Google Analytics?

Differences between Friendly Analytics and Google Analytics include:


As a US company, Google stores data in the USA and has to cooperate with the NSA. We, on the other hand, store all data in Switzerland, where the right to privacy is guaranteed by the Federal Constitution. Alternatively, we also offer hosting in Germany (EU).

Data Sovereignty

With Google Analytics, you get the raw data in the paid version “Google Analytics 360”, which costs around $130,000 per year. We give you access to the raw data a little cheaper.

No Conflict of Interest

Google makes money with advertising. A lot of money. To do this, the company needs data that your website visitors provide involuntarily. This incentive does not exist with us, because we finance ourselves directly through fair fees.

Open Source

Friendly Analytics is based on the open source solution Matomo, whose source code is publicly available. With Google, on the other hand, you cannot check which guidelines are being met.


In the free version, Google Analytics does not evaluate all visits, but only a part. It then extrapolates this to the total quantity. Due to the so-called “sampling”, the accuracy suffers. We, on the other hand, process every single interaction.

Do You Like That?