More Website Revenue and More Privacy
With Swiss Web Analytics Software

Friendly Analytics is the Swiss web analytics software. Optimize your website, increase revenue and improve your marketing strategy. Without compromising on privacy by complying with the FADP (CH) and the GDPR (EU).

This is how you benefit from Friendly Analytics:

Increase website revenue

Friendly Analytics’ professional analytics tools (live demo) allow you to better understand the behavior and characteristics of your website’s visitors. By measuring goals and funnels, you can improve the site’s conversion rate and fix weaknesses. This not only improves user experience, but ultimately increases revenue.

Improve your marketing strategy

By evaluating the acquisition, you understand which traffic channels and which advertising campaigns generated how many leads and revenues. This allows you to optimize your marketing strategy and the profitability of your advertising.

Speed up your marketing

Friendly Analytics includes a complete tag manager with functionality comparable to Google Tag Manager (GTM). With it, you can quickly and easily integrate tags or code snippets for all your used tools on your website – without having to ask IT every time. In combination with Event Tracking, you can also use the Tag Manager to make any action on the website measurable.

Benefit from legal certainty and data protection

Friendly Analytics is compliant with the Swiss FADP and the GDPR of the EU. Our headquarters are in Switzerland in the heart of Europe. We host all your data in Switzerland or in the EU (at your choice) with local providers and not in the clouds of the tech giants from the USA. This way you protect the data of your customers, strengthen the trust in your company and safeguard yourself legally.

No Cookie Banner

Friendly Analytics does not set cookies and does not store any personal data. Therefore, you can use our software without annoying your website visitors with a cookie banner.

Save time

Have you already worked with the classic Google Analytics (Universal Analytics)? Congratulations, then the interface and handling of Friendly Analytics will seem familiar to you and you won’t have to invest much time in learning how to use it.

Remain independent

Friendly Analytics is based on Matomo (formerly Piwik), adjusted for maximum privacy. Matomo is the world’s most popular open source solution for web analytics. This means you don’t have a “lockin effect”. You can host the software with your data yourself at any time or take it to another provider who also relies on Matomo. Matomo is used by the EU Commission, NASA and the United Nations, among others. Our team includes contributors to Matomo.

These Customers Care About Privacy.

From freelancers and agencies to larger companies, educational institutions and NGOs, many customers value Friendly Analytics as a professional, privacy-friendly web analytics solution:

We use Friendly Analytics as a privacy friendly alternative in our analytics setup. For our brand JOOP! we could already gain valuable insights with the tool to optimize our pages and content for our customers and make them even more attractive.

Kevin Bogatzky, Head of E-Sales & Communication, HOLY FASHION GROUP (Strellson | JOOP! | windsor.)

Almost all websites stalk you, leave cookies on your devices and annoy you with GDPR banners. My website does not – thanks to Friendly Analytics.

Simon Kümin, Texter

It was important to OpStack to get meaningful website analytics without burdening our visitors experience from either a performance or privacy perspective. We searched amongst alternatives and selected Friendly. Friendly Analytics lets us understand how the market engages with our website while making it clear that OpStack respects the privacy of our clients and prospects. The product is efficient and effective; Stefan and team are responsive and easy to work with. A win all around.

Evan Bauer, Founder and CEO, OpStack Inc.

We value the privacy of our users but also need extensive analytics functionality to run our platform. This made us try Friendly Analytics and we’ve never looked back; it has all the functionality you’ll need, ensures privacy and the support is awesome. I highly recommend it!

David Messie, Owner,

Google sells your data. We don’t

Google makes money with advertising. A lot of money. To do this, the company needs data that your website visitors provide involuntarily. This incentive does not exist with us, because we finance ourselves directly through fair fees.

Here you can find out more about the differences:

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A single line of code. Friendly Analytics is that simple.

Just add a line of code to your website or use our ready-made WordPress plugin – and Friendly Analytics is up and running. If you have any questions, we will be happy to explain how to use it personally.

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Any Questions?

If you can easily import data from Google Analytics, if we have an API and if you can integrate an app, you can find out in the FAQ or directly from us.

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