Mailchimp vs Friendly Automate
Why Friendly Automate is the best Mailchimp alternative

Mailchimp is a popular US newsletter and email marketing software.

Friendly Automate is the Swiss newsletter and email marketing software.

How do the two tools compare?


Mailchimp is a US company and transfers personal data to the USA. This poses a legal risk for companies operating in Europe. Friendly, on the other hand, is a Swiss company and hosts your data in Switzerland or in the EU (your choice) with providers headquartered in the respective region.


Friendly Automate offers a significantly larger feature set than Mailchimp as a complete marketing automation software.


Mailchimp is cheaper than Friendly Automate, but does not offer the same functionality. In addition, as a US company, Mailchimp cannot guarantee the same level of data protection for Swiss and European companies.

Data ownership

Friendly Automate is based on an open source solution. This means that you don’t have a “lock-in” effect, but can host the software with your data yourself at any time or switch to another provider that uses the same software.

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