The Swiss HubSpot alternative

Friendly Automate is the Swiss marketing automation software. Generate more leads, strengthen your customer relationships and increase your revenues. Without compromising on data protection by hosting in Switzerland and complying with the nFADP (CH) and the GDPR (EU).

This is how you benefit from Friendly Automate:

Generate more leads

Generate more leads through your website with lead magnets like whitepapers, webinars or discount promotions. With our system, you can automatically show each person the call to action that is most relevant to them. Features like built-in asset management and a powerful form builder make your job easier. In addition to contact information, you can collect other valuable first-party data such as interests or role in the company.

Convert more leads into customers – automatically

Automated workflows let you provide leads with relevant information until they are ready to buy or at least take the next step. Once set up in our visual editor, the workflows will work for you in the future and save you a lot of time. In addition, you can automatically qualify contacts using lead scoring. This allows your sales team to focus on the most valuable leads. And you can send special offers to your most valuable contacts – automatically.

Increase revenue from existing customers

It is usually much cheaper to activate existing customers than to acquire new customers through expensive advertising. The integrated CRM allows you to manage all data about your customers. Segments help you filter and target your contacts based on interests, purchases and any other characteristics. This allows you to always send the right message to the right person at the right time.

Leverage the marketing channel with the highest ROI

Email marketing is considered by many studies to be the channel with the highest return on investment (ROI). No wonder: once you have the email address and consent to be contacted, any further interaction is almost free. With our visual builder you can easily create personalized emails and newsletters in your design.

Benefit from legal certainty and data protection

Friendly Automate is compliant with the Swiss nFADP and the GDPR of the EU. Our headquarters are in Switzerland in the heart of Europe. We host all your data in Switzerland with local providers and not in the clouds of the tech giants from the USA. This way you protect the data of your customers, strengthen the trust in your company and safeguard yourself legally.

Rely on certified information security and quality

Friendly is certified in accordance with ISO 27 001 (information security) and ISO 9 001 (quality management). This ensures that your data is protected in the best possible way and that we can guarantee the quality of our products under all circumstances.

Be where your customers are

Email, website popups, SMS, WhatsApp or print mailings: with Friendly Automate you can reach your contacts wherever they are.

Integrate your existing software

Friendly Automate gets along well with the most popular CRM systems, online stores, social networks, and webinar tools. And if there’s no direct connection, you can integrate with Friendly Automate using no-code tools like Zapier,, n8n, or our powerful API.

Stay independent

Friendly Automate is based on Mautic, the most popular open source marketing automation software. This means you don’t have a “lockin effect”. You can host the software with your data yourself at any time or take it to another provider who also relies on Mautic.

From SMEs To NGOs: Friendly Automate is well received.

Banks, insurance companies, online stores, educational institutions, aid organizations and industrial companies value Friendly Automate as powerful and privacy-friendly marketing automation software.

We use Friendly Automate for several clients of our agency We have tested numerous marketing automation tools and Friendly Automate clearly stands out. We appreciate the extensive functionality at fair prices, the personal interaction, the hosting in Switzerland or the EU and the excellent support.

Sebastian Bumann, Owner, AB3 Creative Collective GmbH

We decided on Friendly Automate because nowhere else could we find such a good price-performance ratio for a marketing automation solution. We are very satisfied with the support of the Friendly Team and are convinced that we made the right choice with Friendly Automate.

Michael Wicky, CEO, Bergpunkt AG

For us as an online marketing agency it is key to offer our clients a solution for marketing automation. With Friendly Automate we have found the perfect match. The cooperation is very pleasant. The tool itself is spectacular.

René Petry, CEO, Sichtbar Online Marketing AG

Friendly Automate fits our needs perfectly and offers all the features you expect from a professional marketing automation solution. The user interface is designed to be highly user-friendly. Best of all, we pay a fair price and can get involved in this marketing discipline as an SME.

Omid Rahimi, Managing Director, eMinded GmbH

Why Friendly Automate instead of HubSpot?

HubSpot can do a lot, costs a lot, and has significant disadvantages when it comes to data protection:

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