Efficiency, flexibility and Swiss base
Branchen Versicherung relies on Friendly Automate

The challenge

Branchen Versicherung was confronted with a situation that affects many companies sooner or later: two outdated ERP and marketing software tools had been in use for a long time and were in dire need of replacement. On the one hand, the old software was so complicated that it was very difficult to work efficiently. Even sending newsletters was unnecessarily complex. On the other hand, the software could not keep pace with the new data protection law in Switzerland and the providers were no longer able to offer support. Florian Lüthi, the new Head of Marketing at Branchen Versicherung, decided to look for a new and more innovative solution.

The approach

With Friendly Automate, Branchen Versicherung found a marketing software that meets the company’s present-day expectations and can take their marketing to a new level. In addition to forms, landing pages and mailings, Friendly Automate also offers automations – a new area for the marketing team at Branchen Versicherung, whose possibilities inspire Florian Lüthi. He can set up workflows, create newsletters from templates, easily address different target groups and in doing so save a lot of time. In addition, he can now flexibly implement new marketing ideas such as prize draws and online orders. This makes his work feel efficient and pleasant on the one hand, and versatile and positively challenging on the other. Florian Lüthi particularly appreciates the competent support from Friendly’s Chief Customer Officer Lukas Sigel, who is always able to provide him with practical and quick solutions. This ensures successful work with the software in the long term.

The result

The collaboration with Friendly Automate is a long-term success for Branchen Versicherung. Stressful and cumbersome tasks have been replaced by efficient workflows in modern software, enabling Branchen Versicherung to significantly reduce the effort and stress level in the marketing area. Friendly’s company location and data centre in Switzerland support compliance with the new Swiss Data Protection Act and create trust. The fact that Friendly’s information security is certified in accordance with ISO 27 001 is also appreciated. And finally, Friendly’s high level of support and the continuous further development of the software are of particular value to Branchen Versicherung, as they significantly safeguard its future viability.


1. Time savings:
Up to 50% reduction in time spent on marketing tasks


2. Stress reduction:
Stress levels significantly reduced thanks to pleasant and efficient work processes


3. Security:
Increased trust through conformity with the new Swiss Data Protection Act and certification of information security in accordance with ISO 27 001


4. Long-term investment:
High level of support and continuous further development of the software guarantee future viability

“We are big fans of Friendly Automate. I appreciate the fact that I am supported by a team with a fixed contact person that I can call. The software is innovative and easy to use. I am grateful for the good collaboration.

Florian Lüthi
Head of Marketing – Branding and Communications