Digital transformation in the pharma sector:
Pierre Fabre Pharma optimizes marketing processes with Friendly Automate

The challenge

Pierre Fabre is a leading French pharmaceutical company. The Swiss branch was confronted with a large number of separate and partially still analog tools for communicating with customers and planning events. The challenge was to standardize and digitize these tools while maintaining the customer history and staying within budget. Data storage in Switzerland and proximity to a Swiss service provider were essential concerns.

The approach

Friendly Automate proved to be the ideal platform for Pierre Fabre. It turned out that the implementation not only digitized some of the previously analog processes, but also offered an opportunity for new, interconnected solutions. Friendly’s CCO Lukas Sigel developed an intranet specifically for Pierre Fabre as well as other individual applications that are directly integrated into the system. This allows for data and processes to be managed, monitored and processed centrally. Employees are able to quickly and easily create landing pages, send newsletters, organize the dispatch of materials and evaluate customer history. Event management, which was previously outsourced, has also been integrated into Friendly Automate and can now be carried out independently.

The result

The implementation of Friendly Automate has taken Pierre Fabre a decisive step forward in its digital transformation. The consolidation and modernization of processes have optimized the internal use of resources. In event management alone, Pierre Fabre is now able to save a five-figure sum every year and thus use its existing resources more efficiently.


1. Time savings:
Time savings of at least 25% thanks to digitized processes


2. Cost savings:
Five-figure savings in event management and material dispatch alone


3. Customer satisfaction:
Consistently positive feedback on the new online registration for congresses and events


4. Job satisfaction:
Increased job satisfaction through user-friendly software, efficient processes and solutions tailor-made for the company

“We are proud of what we have achieved with Friendly Automate. I am particularly pleased with the increased number of participants at congresses and events thanks to the simplified digital registration option and the high response to our newsletter. Our customers, mostly doctors, are satisfied and so are we.”

Astrid Giebel
Head of Product Management DACH