+12% Revenue and an Upgrade to Friendly Automate
Open Startup Report December 2020

We’re happy about another double-digit revenue increase to 6’018 Fr., Friendly Automate can do more now and we explain the basics of marketing automation: welcome to our Open Startup Report for December.

December at Friendly in the Numbers

  • 💵 MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue): $6,798 (+12%)
  • 🤝 New Customers: 5 (-38%)
  • 🤩 Upgrades: 4 (+100%)
  • 💔 Churn (cancellations): 4 (-100%)
  • 👩 Active Subscriptions: 57 (+8%)
  • 👋 New Trials: 19 (+73%)
  • 🔎 Website Visits: 2,574 (-4%)
  • 📮 Emails Sent (Friendly Automate): 165,671 (-48%)
  • 📈 Pageviews Tracked (Friendly Analytics): 1,075,324 (-14%)
  • 💸 Costs: $8,351 (-)
  • 🧾 Profit and Loss: -$1,553 (-33%)

This is what moved us in December:

One Step Closer to Profitability

Our MRR increased by +12% to $6,798. Our costs again remained at the level of the previous month, thus our loss decreased by over -33% from $3,025 in November to “only” -$1,553 in December.

Here is a detailed breakdown of all our costs in December:

Upgrade to Friendly Automate

Friendly Automate is based on the open source software Mautic. In December, we upgraded the first customer to the new version 3 of Mautic.

Mautic 3 offers a more stable code base and faster email sending, as well as some minor new features such as an improved company view.

Currently, we are actively involved in the development of a simpler and more powerful editor for emails and landing pages, which will be included in one of the next versions.

Introduction to Marketing Automation

How does marketing automation actually work? And how can your company benefit from it?

At the end of November, our Joey wrote a simple and detailed introduction to marketing automation:

Tutorials: Personas, Subscription Preference Centers and Geolocation Popups

Joey has added numerous new tutorials to our Friendly Automate documentation, including:

New Text for Our Website

Simon Kümin is a Friendly customer and has been a chess junior, a law school dropout, a poker pro, a junior copywriter, a copywriter, and a self-employed copywriter.

In the latter capacity, Simon wrote new copy for Friendly. The result can be marveled at on this website since December.


In January, we are busy upgrading all Friendly Automate customers to the new version of Mautic. Friendly Analytics is also due for an update soon. Things remain exciting.

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