+15% Revenue and Almost 800,000 Emails Sent
Open Startup Report March 2021

Our revenue increased by +15% to $8,840, we set a new email sending record and our Joey was a regular guest on podcasts: welcome to our Open Startup Report for March 2021.

March at Friendly in the Numbers

  • 💵 MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue): $8,840 (+15%)
  • 🤝 New Customers: 7 (-22%)
  • 🤩 Upgrades: 0 (-100%)
  • 💔 Churn (cancellations): 4 (-43%)
  • 👩 Active customers: 62 (+5%)
  • 👋 New Trials: 16 (+167%)
  • 🔎 Website Visits: 3,311 (+46%)
  • 📮 Emails Sent (Automate): 791,546 (+29%)
  • 📈 Pageviews Tracked (Analytics): 974,141 (-13%)
  • 💸 Costs: $10,322 (+10%)
  • 🧾 Profit and Loss: -$1,492 (-11%)

This is what moved us in March:

Revenue increased by +15%, loss decreased by -11%

After single-digit growth in February, our monthly recurring revenue (MRR) rose again significantly in March by +15% to $8,840. We owe this growth in particular to a new major customer from Germany.

Our costs also increased, but significantly less than revenue. Therefore, our loss decreased by -11% to “only” -$1,492.

Here are all our costs in March in detail:

Almost 800,000 emails sent

The number of messages sent via Friendly Automate again increased significantly – by almost a third to an incredible 791,546 emails.

Our email reputation is in a very good range with a bounce rate of 0.33% (measured on the last 133,682 emails) and a complaint rate of 0.09% (measured on the last 15,160 emails). These figures ensure a high deliverability of our customers’ emails.

Friendly Automate: improved email editor rolled out to majority of customers

In March, the rollout of the new version of Friendly Automate picked up speed. At the end of the month, 29 customers were already using the new version (based on Mautic 3.3), 28 customers are still waiting for the upgrade.

The biggest improvement is a new editor for emails and landing pages. Our Joey introduces it in this video:

Joey on the Mauticast, episode 24

Friendly Automate is based on the open source software Mautic. The Mauticast is the most important podcast on Mautic.

After already being a guest in episode 18, our Joey was invited again by host Ekke Gümbel. In episode 24, Joey talks to our friends from idea2 and hartmut.io about the new email editor in Friendly Automate / Mautic and other trends in marketing automation:

Joey on the 99 Challenges Podcast

In March, Joey was a sought-after talker on podcasts. Host Peter Benei‘s 99 Challenges Podcast devotes each episode to a challenge businesses are facing.

In episode 9, Joey talks about the difficulties companies face when using marketing automation, and he shares easy-to-implement strategies for a successful marketing automation setup:

The canton of Zürich became a customer of Friendly

Since March, the canton of Zürich has been using Friendly Analytics as a privacy-friendly Google Analytics alternative for its integration support services for refugees.

We are pleased and honored that this is the first time that a public administration in Switzerland has relied on our software.

The best European marketing software in 2021

What is the best marketing software “made in Europe”?

When choosing marketing software, companies should look not only at the features, but also at the origin of the provider and the location of the hosting.

This saves them legal risks and protects their customers’ data.

In March, we compiled a comprehensive directory of the best European marketing software solutions in various categories. Here it is:


In April we will upgrade 100% of our Friendly Automate customers to the latest version with the improved email editor.

We are also planning and testing ideas for a new product. It remains an exciting time.

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