+18% Revenue and Tips on European Privacy Laws
Open Startup Report November 2020

Our monthly recurring revenue increased again double-digit in November by +18% to $6,041. We also provide tips for complying with the privacy regulations in the European Union and in Switzerland, share videos from Mauticon 2020 and an interview in the CRM Podcast: welcome to our Open Startup Report for November.

November at Friendly in Numbers

  • 💵 MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue): $6,041 (+18%)
  • 🤝 New Customers: 7 (-30%)
  • 🤩 Upgrades: 0 (-)
  • 💔 Churn (cancellations): 2 (-)
  • 👩 Active Subscriptions: 53 (+15%)
  • 👋 New Trials: 11 (-21%)
  • 🔎 Website Visits: 2,693 (-10%)
  • 📮 Emails Sent (Friendly Automate): 316,230 (+4%)
  • 📈 Pageviews Tracked (Friendly Analytics): 1,243,863 (-9%)
  • 💸 Costs: $9,066 (-2%)
  • 🧾 Profit and Loss: -$3,025 (-32%)

This is what moved us in November:

More Revenue, Less Loss

Our MRR increased by +18% to $6,041 thanks to seven new customers. Our costs remained at the level of the previous month, thus our loss decreased by over -32% to “only” -$3,025.

Keeping Your Data Safe: New Friendly Automate Tutorial for Complying With GDPR (EU) and FADP (Switzerland)

Friendly Automate collects personally identifiable information (PII) from website visitors and contacts. This includes IP addresses, names and email addresses. Friendly Automate also uses cookies to identify returning users.

Therefore the use of Friendly Automate is subject to the GDPR, if the website also addresses customers in the EU. The revised Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP) is also expected to come into force during 2021, which has similar requirements as the GDPR. The PECR legislation in California is also oriented to the GDPR.

To help our customers use Friendly Automate in a privacy-compliant manner, we significantly expanded our help article on this topic in November:

Videos From Mauticon 2020

The Mauticon is the official conference of the open source software Mautic, on which Friendly Automate is based. It took place this year on November 17 as an online event.

Our Joey gave two presentations and our Friendly partner René Petry from Sichtbar gave another one.

If you want to learn more about good email marketing and best practices in marketing automation, here are Joey and René’s presentations to watch:

Stefan in the CRM Podcast (in German)

In the CRM Podcast with Nico Zorn you will learn how to improve your customer relationships.

In the current episode I talk with Nico about the story behind Friendly and about the advantages of open source technology in marketing. We also talk about how you can use marketing automation for your business and how to avoid typical mistakes during the implementation:


We will now finish the last work for this year and slowly get into the advent spirit. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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