Stand with Ukraine

We donate 500 Fr. ($542) for humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

At Friendly, we too are shocked by Russia’s brutal war against Ukraine. We would like to contribute to the support of Ukraine.

In our manifesto, we committed to donating one percent of our sales to a good cause.

Our revenue from the founding of Friendly until today is 208,887 Fr. ($226,596) One percent of that would be 2’089 Fr. ($2,266). We have already donated $2’070 to the open source project Mautic. So our donation percentage is actually almost used up.

However, because of the special situation, we go beyond that and donate 500 Fr. ($542) for humanitarian aid through the Ukrainian Red Cross. We would gladly give more. However, since we are not yet permanently profitable, even this amount is a challenge. And every amount makes a difference.

For all those who would like to follow our example: Donations can easily be made via the Swiss Red Cross (SRC) website by credit card, bank transfer or Paypal. The Swiss Red Cross then forwards the money directly to their sister organization in Hungary:

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