The Privacy Friendly Hubspot Alternative

HubSpot can do a lot and costs a lot. That’s the price you pay for the quasi-monopoly. It starts at $10,000 per year and can now be easily saved thanks to our software.

Other differences between Friendly Automate and HubSpot include:


HubSpot is a US company and transfers personal data to the USA. This is a legal risk for companies doing business in Europe. Friendly however is a Swiss company and hosts all your data on dedicated servers in the EU or Switzerland (your choice).


Friendly Automate offers a similar feature set as the Marketing Hub of HubSpot in the Professional Plan.


Friendly Automate costs up to 88% (!) less than the Professional Plan from HubSpot for the Marketing Hub – at comparable performance.

No Prepayment

HubSpot subscriptions starting with « Professional » must be paid for a full year in advance. With Friendly Automate, you remain flexible with monthly payments.

Data Ownership

Friendly Automate is based on an open source solution. This means that you don’t have a « lock-in » effect, but can host the software with your data yourself at any time or switch to another provider that uses the same software.

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