Kinderzoo, Zauberhut and restaurant under one roof:
The traditional Swiss circus company Knie simplifies their marketing activities with Friendly Automate

The challenge

The traditional Swiss company Knie was faced with a challenge: the company wanted to unite the management of its customer data and marketing activities in one place. This was no easy task, as Knie unites several companies under one roof, including Knies Kinderzoo, the Zauberhut event venue and the Himmapan restaurant. Extensive data sets had to be brought together, but also kept separate. Knie therefore not only needed a software solution, but also a reliable partner who would understand the requirements and provide assistance with implementation.

The approach

With Friendly, Knie found a Swiss partner who understood the complexity of their situation. The Friendly Automate marketing software made it possible to collect and process data from the various outlets in one place. Lukas Sigel, Chief Customer Officer at Friendly, assisted with the conception and creation of design templates so Knie can now create and use forms, pop-ups, mailings and landing pages with little effort. Through detailed segmentation and targeted campaigns, leads and customers from different target groups can be addressed in a personalized way. Sending mailings and processing feedback such as booking inquiries and newsletter registrations is now effortless. All of this has considerably simplified Knie’s marketing processes.

The result

By merging their customer data in Friendly Automate, Knie was able to simplify their complex situation significantly. Thanks to the efficient campaigns and templates, marketing activities can now be carried out in a third of the time previously required. As a result, time and financial resources can be used more profitably. Employee satisfaction has also increased significantly thanks to the new tool.



Leads and bookings:
Increase in leads, bookings and newsletter registrations.


Cost savings:
Reduction in personnel costs due to more efficient processes.

Time savings:
Up to 70% less time spent on marketing activities.


Job satisfaction:
Increased employee and customer satisfaction through efficient processes, professional communication and good cooperation.

“Friendly Automate exceeded our expectations. Our dedicated contact Lukas has provided us with great support, explained the functions of the software in a simple way and created professional templates. Thanks to Friendly Automate, not only do we save time and generate more inquiries – on top of that, I’m looking forward to sending out the next newsletter.”

Annett Sprenger
Head of Knie’s event location “Zauberhut”