The goal of Friendly:
To become the friendliest software company in Switzerland

Friendly is a small Swiss company with a big goal: to make marketing software more friendly.

We believe that privacy is a competitive advantage, work only with open source and donate one percent of our revenue to charity:

The minds behind it

Stefan Vetter

Stefan Vetter is the founder and CEO at Friendly. He is also the founder at Wortspiel, one of Switzerland's leading digital marketing agencies. His motto: "We have an exist strategy, not an exit strategy". Stefan likes traveling, U2 and ice baths.

József Keller

József "Joey" Keller is CTO and employee #1 at Friendly. He is an Assistant Team Lead on the product team of the open source software Mautic, on which Friendly Automate is based. Prior to Friendly, Joey worked for a US media company, the largest social network in Hungary and the national airline of Hungary.

Kathrin Schmid, PhD

Kathrin Schmid, PhD, is CMO and CISO at Friendly. As Chief Marketing Officer, her role is to build public trust in Friendly. As Chief Information Security Officer, Kathrin is also responsible for the security of our customers' data. Both activities are well compatible for her because we see data protection as a competitive advantage. In her free time, Kathrin enjoys hiking and swimming in the Aare River.

Lukas Sigel

Lukas Sigel is Chief Customer Officer at Friendly. He does everything in his power to make our customers successful with our software. The computer science graduate has been working in IT for over 10 years and completed a CAS as a frontend developer while working. In his spare time Lukas organizes concerts and looks for new talents for the big stage in Switzerland.

Peter Boehlke

Peter Boehlke is freelance Analytics Consultant at Friendly. For over 10 years, he has been a contributor to the open source software Matomo, which is the foundation of Friendly Analytics. Peter has consulted with clients in over 30 countries on privacy-friendly web analytics.


We place high demands on our quality, the security of our software, and data protection. We have these standards regularly checked and certified by independent third parties.

ISO 27 001: Systematic safety

We are in the process of establishing an Information Security Management System (ISMS) in accordance with ISO 27 001 (Information Security). The aim is to continuously improve our infrastructure and processes to protect data from loss, theft or modification. The initial certification by an independent third party is planned for the end of 2023.

ISO 9 001: Proven quality

ISO 9 001 (Quality Management) defines a system to ensure high quality of our offerings under all circumstances. The initial certification by an independent third party is planned for the end of 2023.

swiss made software: Swiss origin

The “swiss made software” label stands for high-quality Swiss ICT products and is only awarded to companies that are based in Switzerland and generate most of their value added in Switzerland. Friendly is a proud bearer of this distinction.

swiss hosting: Data remains in Switzerland

The “swiss hosting” label is also awarded by swiss made software and stands for two key promises:

  1. The data remains in Switzerland.
  2. The data can only be accessed by third parties via the Swiss authorities.

We are fulfilling these promises with our hosting in Switzerland with providers headquartered in Switzerland since day 1 and are pleased that we can now communicate this with this label.


Together we achieve more. That is why we engage in various industry associations:

Swico – The trade association for digital Switzerland

Swico is the Swiss trade association of the ICT and online industry. Its more than 700 members employ 56 000 people and generate annual revenues of 40 billion CHF. We are one of these members.

gfm Swiss Marketing Association

The gfm Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Marketing (Swiss Marketing Association) was founded in 1941 and since then has significantly influenced the development of market-oriented corporate management in Switzerland. We are a member of the gfm. (The Swiss Retail Association) unites over 400 retailers. With over 460 online stores and 2 850 points of sale, its members generate around 21 billion CHF in revenue each year. Friendly is a service provider partner of

Our story

The Friendly team at our second retreat in May 2022.

The history of Friendly began in early 2020 with the goal of offering a privacy-friendly alternative to the marketing tools of Google, Meta & Co. This has grown into a company with four employees and over 80 customers:

Open Startup

As of: August 2023

Everyone says they are transparent. We are. As Switzerland’s first and only Open Startup, we share everything unless there is a reason not to publish it. This includes revenues, costs including salaries, website visits and even our employment contracts:

Investors (not)

We get asked time and again why we don’t want investors at Friendly as a tech startup. It’s not that we haven’t received any offers yet. But we have turned them all down and will continue to do so in the future. For good reasons:


These books have had an influence on us and our work:


In addition to all of our supporters, our thanks go especially to the open source projects and their contributors that have made and continue to make Friendly possible: