Deeds Around Data:
Our Manifesto

No, our manifesto does not begin with a spectre haunting Europe. It is not a call for revolution. Instead, it makes the web and the world a little bit better – for you, your customers, and everyone else.

  1. Privacy protection is a competitive advantage: By choosing software with data protection in mind, you increase the trust of your target group in your company, improve your image and minimize legal risks. We take privacy seriously by storing all your data with providers headquartered in Switzerland or the EU (your choice) and not in the clouds of the tech giants. In addition, we are constantly strengthening our expertise in data protection regulations such as the FADP (CH) and the GDPR (EU).
  2. Open source is the future: Open source has such strong advantages over proprietary software that open source software will ultimately prevail for most applications. That’s why all our products are open source. This has many benefits for you. For example, security can be verified at any time. Furthermore, there is no lock-in effect – you can host the software yourself at any time or switch to a provider that uses the same open source software as we do.
  3. Open standards instead of closed gardens: The “closed gardens” of Google, Meta & Co primarily benefit these providers themselves. Thanks to their quasi-monopoly, they can exploit their market power against you. Open standards, on the other hand, belong to all market participants. Everyone has the same access and the same opportunities. This makes them more successful and long-lasting than all closed gardens. We therefore consciously rely on open standards for all our products, such as email (created 1971) or the web (created 1990).
  4. Your data belongs to you. You can download it at any time and take it with you to another provider.
  5. Friendly service: We are not just nice until you buy something. All our subscriptions include excellent support.
  6. No minimum terms: We want to work with you because we both are happy in doing so – not because we are contractually bound to each other. That’s why our subscriptions have no minimum terms. You can cancel at any time.
  7. Transparency by default: As an Open Startup, we share many aspects of our business to help others succeed.  We publish everything unless there’s a reason not to. This includes revenues, costs, website visits, and even our employment contracts.
  8. Better, not bigger: Instead of getting bigger, we prefer to get better. We have an exist strategy, not an exit strategy. Therefore, we deliberately do not seek investors and plan for the long term.
  9. Swiss Made: Friendly is a Swiss company. Therefore you benefit from the highest standards in terms of quality, privacy and legal certainty.
  10. One percent for a good cause: We donate 1% of our revenues to charity.

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