Our Toughest Month
Open Startup Report April 2022

+0.2% recurring revenue, +36% loss and a farewell: welcome to our Open Startup Report for April 2022.

April at Friendly in the Numbers

💳 MRR: CHF 12,546 | ~$12,593 (+0.2%)
💵 One-time revenues (consulting): CHF 780 | ~$783 (-49%)
💸 Costs: CHF 19,091 | ~$19,197 (+1%)
🧾 Profit and Loss: CHF -6,545 | ~ -$6,568 (+36%)
👩 Active customers: 77 (-2.5%)
💔 Monthly customer churn: 11% (+128%)
👋 New Trials: 8 (+60%)
🔎 Website Visits: 4,762 (+77%)
📮 Emails sent (Automate): 337,023 (-30%)
📈 Pageviews tracked (Analytics): 724,406 (-18%)

This is what moved us in April:

Revenue stagnated, costs rose sharply

Our monthly recurring revenue (MRR) increased slightly in April by +0.2% to CHF 12,546 (~$12,593). This is still our highest MRR so far and the eighth consecutive month of revenue growth.

For the second time we had additional one-time revenue from consulting. In April this resulted in CHF 780 (~$783), which is -49% less than in March.

Our costs increased again slightly by +1% to CHF 19’091 (~$19,197) We had less expenses for freelancers, but unfortunately we accidentally exceeded our budget for search engine advertising significantly.

All three together – stagnating recurring revenue, less one-off revenue and higher costs – lead to a +36% increased loss of CHF -6’545 (~ -$6,568) This is our highest loss so far and very disappointing.

A trend reversal is at least in sight. We have only limited influence on our revenues, but all the more on our expenses. We have the costs for search engine advertising firmly under control again. They are currently significantly lower in May than in April. In addition, one employee left us at his own request, so from May onwards our salary costs will also fall (see below).

Once again for April we are sharing all of our costs including salaries. Here they are:

All the best Brady

Since November 2021, Brady Cargle has been supporting us full-time as a developer. During this time, he has fixed bugs in Friendly Automate, created a WordPress plugin for Friendly Automate, and improved the WordPress plugin for Friendly Analytics, among other things.

In April, Brady decided to take a new position with another company. We thank Brady for the work he has done and wish him all the best for his future.

Our most popular blog post this year: The end of Universal Analytics

In April, we published a blog post (so far only in German) on Google’s announcement to shut down the previous Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) on July 1, 2023.

This date still seems far in the future. However, we showed that companies need to act already by June 2022 in order to continue to have a powerful analytics setup.

The post was well received: with 458 views so far, it was our most popular blog post this year (the posts before it are general pages, not blog posts):

By the way, you can evaluate all other aspects of our website in our public analytics dashboard. Of course, we work with our own analytics software.

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