+1% Revenue, Reinforcement in Analytics and a Personal Review
Open Startup Report January 2022

Our revenue increased for the fifth month in a row, we strengthened in analytics, and our founder shared a personal year in review: welcome to our Open Startup Report for January 2022.

January at Friendly in the Numbers

  • 💵 MRR: CHF 11,707 | ~$12,708 (+1%)
  • 💸 Costs: CHF 13,129 | ~$14,224 (+4%)
  • 🧾 Profit and Loss: CHF -1,422 | ~ -$1,516 (+26%)
  • 👩 Active customers: 79 (-)
  • 💔 Monthly customer churn: 4% (-39%)
  • 👋 New Trials: 4 (-50%)
  • 🔎 Website Visits: 2,692 (-7%)
  • 📮 Emails sent (Automate): 466,885 (+21%)
  • 📈 Pageviews tracked (Analytics): 825,387 (+13%)

This is what moved us in January:

Revenue and usage up again

Our monthly recurring revenue (MRR) increased for the fifth consecutive month in January to CHF 11,707 / ~$12,708. Growth was again +1%.

Our costs increased by +4% to CHF 13’129 | ~$14’224. This was due to the fact that we were able to pay our developer Brady a small salary of $500 for the first time. By the way, this salary will increase to $1’000 in February and to $1’500 in March. As a result, our loss increased by a whole 26% to CHF -1,422 | ~ -$1516.

We are pleased to report that usage of our software increased again. Our customers sent over +21% more emails with Friendly Automate (466,885 total) and tracked over +13% more page views with Friendly Analytics (825,387 total).

Once again for January we are sharing all of our costs including salaries. Here they are:

Reinforcement in analytics

Since the end of January, Peter Boehlke has been supporting us as a freelance analytics consultant. He is initially starting with a small workload of two hours per month. We plan to expand this workload in the future.

For over 10 years, he has been a contributor to the open source software Matomo, which is the foundation of Friendly Analytics. Peter has consulted with clients in over 30 countries on privacy-friendly web analytics.

Year in review 2021 of our founder Stefan Vetter

Yours truly has written a very personal review for the past year.

In it, I go into the developments at Friendly, my agency Wortspiel, and also me as a person.

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