Friendly Becomes a Partner of Mautic
As One of Only 6 Companies Worldwide

Friendly Automate is based on Mautic, the most popular open-source marketing automation software.

Yesterday, Mautic launched an official partner program. As one of only five six companies worldwide, Friendly qualified for partner status.

And as one of the three most active companies around Mautic, Friendly even received the status of “Featured Partner” including integration on the front page of Mautic:

The requirement for this status is both financial support of the open source project as well as active participation in the community:

The Mautic Community Partners Program showcases organizations that are contributing to Mautic – both financially and practically – so that members of the community can find service providers who are “makers” rather than “takers” to work with. These organizations represent the ideals of providing ongoing contributions that open source software rely upon.

Ruth Cheesley, Mautic Open Source Project Lead

We are proud of this partnership and look forward to continuing to work with Mautic.

Update 07/27/2021: The number of official partners has increased from five to six, we have updated the article accordingly.

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