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Our first case study

The little boy on the right in the boat is me – on my fourth birthday. We celebrated it at Knie’s children’s zoo in Rapperswil.

Back then, there were still dolphins in the children’s zoo and birthday children were allowed to ride in a boat pulled by the dolphins.

This moment is one of my favourite childhood memories.

So I’m all the more pleased that more than 38 years later, Knies Kinderzoo is one of Friendly’s customers.

Today there are no more dolphins at the children’s zoo. The pool in the photo has been replaced by the innovative event location “Knies Zauberhut”.

For over a year, we have been supporting Knies Kinderzoo, Knies Zauberhut and the associated restaurant Himmapan in simplifying their marketing activities with Friendly Automate.

Many thanks to Annett Sprenger and Roberto Scheuer for the good cooperation so far and to Lukas Sigel from our team for his strong commitment.

Read more here in our first case study:

Kinderzoo, Zauberhut and restaurant under one roof: The traditional Swiss circus company Knie simplifies their marketing activities with Friendly Automate

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